God and Saints, such as Kripaluji Maharaj, do their work with the help of Yogmaya

In addition, Kripalu Ji Maharaj says that God gives the power of yogmayato His Saints. With the help of yogmaya, Arjun killed hundreds but his mind always remained in Krishn. Hanuman ji killed Ravan’s family and burned down all of Lanka. He did all this while seeing Sita-Ram omnipresently in the world. There was no break in this Divine vision, even for a second. In our scriptures, you read in the history of Saints that they had lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride, jealousy, animosity, and hypocrisy. Saints exhibited all these external behaviors with the help of yogmaya.

The five Pandavas had five different fathers. Then all five Pandavas had one wife. Amazing! All six of them were Saints. All five Pandavas and their wife Dropadi were Saints. You might have seen or heard about them when they were on the earth. Someone said, “These are Yudhishthir, Bheem, Nakul, Sahdeo, and Arjun. The woman who is standing with them is their wife.” You might have answered, “Whose wife is she?” “She is the wife of all five.” You must have laughed loudly saying, “That is something. Don’t they fight among themselves?” “No, no. She becomes wife of one brother the first month. Then she becomes wife of the second brother the second month and so on. After five months the first brother gets his turn to be her husband.” You would say, “This is amazing.” “Do you know they are all Saints? They have received God realization.” At that time you might have said, “I had enough of you, these Pandavas, and their God.”

God and Saints do their work with the help of yogmaya. All their actions seem similar to the actions of humans except the actions are not material. In reality, their actions are Divine. Because we are under the influence of maya, we understand very little. We do not have any experience with the actions of yogmaya. We do not understand anything beyond maya. For this reason, we do not recognize a true Saint. And we will never be able to know a Saint with our material intellect.

By one’s good fortune, good sanskars, the Grace of God, or if somehow someone gets a chance in some lifetime to meet a true Saint, he should wholeheartedly accept the Saint to be a true Saint. There is nothing much to do after this for God realization if a soul strongly believes in a Saint.

We all know how to love. We love our mother, father, wife, husband, children, and objects. We have a lot of experience with love. Once we know that God is ours, we will surely love Him. Who can stop that?

When we realize what percentage of our self-interest that will be fulfilled through someone, our attachment to that person is the same percentage. If someday, with our good fortune, we get the chance to surrender to a true Saint and do devotion according to his directions, we will attain our ultimate goal of receiving ultimate Divine happiness.