We Serve Radha Krishn Through Our Guru First

We are not able to actually serve God right now. After attaining God realization, and entering Divine Golok we will be able to serve Krishn, but even then, this won’t be direct service. In the Divine abode, we will receive a position under our Guru’s position. We will receive the serviceof Radha-Krishn that is ordained by the Spiritual Master. For example, if your Guru desires to offer some garlands to Radha-Krishn, he will request you, “O Sakhi, pick some beautiful flowers for the garlands for our Beloveds.” This is how you will receive service.

In this way, three guidelines are suggested by the Gita: (1) ask Spiritual questions, (2) completely surrender to your Guru and, (3) do service (seva). Since eternity we haven’t received God realization because we did not accept a Saint to be a true Saint. Ved Vyas ji has stated, not in hundreds but thousands of verses, that without the association of a true Saint, no matter what you do to find God, it will all amount to zero. You may do yog, yagya, charity, fasting, austerities, kirtans, and bhajans. It is impossible to attain God realization without surrendering to a Saint and receiving his Grace.

You must believe that your Spiritual Master is the same as God and the soul of your soul. As the life of our body is the soul, similarly the life of the soul is your Guru. One who worships his Spiritual Master with his whole being can attain God realization. Otherwise, even through one may listen or chant God’s name for many lifetimes, he will not receive the wealth of Divine love received at the lotus feet of Krishn.

Kripalu ji Maharaj says that even if one does any style of devotion for uncountable lifetimes he will not attain God realization. Without the Grace of a Saint, no one has ever attained it. This is a strict law of God. He says, “I do not keep a direct relationship with any soul. I have given all My powers to My Saints.” A Spiritual Master will help you do your . He will give you what you need to spiritually advance and protect what you have attained devotionally. He will also bestow upon you Divine Bliss after your complete heart purification. He will do everything for you.

For this reason, God and Saints are considered to be equal in the Ved, Purans, and other scriptures. The Ved says that you must have the same devotion to your Spiritual Master as you have for Krishn. Only then can you benefit from spiritual knowledge and attain God realization.