The significance of Krishn in the mind

M in 2007 (13)
Did Prahlad receive God realization? Yes, he did. All the scriptures are announcing that God Narsingh appeared for him. Someone might ask, “If Prahlad received God realization at such a young age, why did he get married? I don’t understand.” What don’t we understand? “We don’t understand how someone could desire to be married after he attained God realization and unlimited Divine happiness.” God picked Prahlad up on His hand and danced while shedding tears of joy. Prahlad was at such a high spiritual level. He didn’t pretend to be married. It is a fact. He had children. “He had children? They must have dropped from the sky.” Not from the sky! Children were born from the womb of Prahlad’s wife. “Prahlad is having children and he has no lust? This is impossible.” Why is this impossible? “It is impossible for us. So it must be impossible for him.” Your mind is batting zero.

Arjun committed so many murders. Krishn said to Arjun, “O Arjun, your mind should be constantly attached to Me. Your mind should not go anywhere else even for a fraction of a second.” When Krishn was always in Arjun’s mind, how did he commit so many murders? Hanuman ji set fire to Lanka while keeping Ram-Sita in his mind. This is because a Saint always sees God before him.

A Bhagwatam verse describes the characteristics of a highest kind of Saint. What is he like? There are objects for eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. A Saint enjoys the objects of the world with these five senses but he is unattached to them. He is eating rasgullaand nodding his head saying that it is good. But he is experiencing the Divine love of Krishn in the rasgulla. The world sees that a Saint is eating rasgulla, nodding his head and saying, “Wow, the rasgullais really good.” The world saw that a Saint put a rasgullaon his tongue, nodded his head, and said that it was good. In reality he is enjoying the Bliss of Divine love. Saints, while experiencing material objects, enjoy the Bliss of their own Divine love personality.

Kripalu Ji Maharaj says that God and Saints have a power called yogmaya. With yogmayaSaints and God stay in their Divine personality and do work of maya. Pay attention! You must have seen this in movies. People act like they are really crying, laughing, loving, fainting, dying, etc. These are ordinary humans who act according to their own power. God has the power of yogmaya. Yogmeans that Saints are always connected to the Divine. The connection does not get disturbed even if they perform mayic-work. For example, a water drop stays on the lotus petal, but does not get attached to the petal.

Similarly, God creates uncountable planetary systems. While doing this, He always remains in Divine Bliss. God does not feel tense about these things. We might have 4 to 6 children, a wife, a mother and a father. We are always disturbed in our family of 8 to10 people. If someone asks you, “What’s going on?” Tension! You use this one word everywhere. You say, “Nowadays I am really tense.” As long as the mayais here, you will have tension. Why do we have tension? Because of desires. When one creates desires, there will be tension to fulfill the desires. Everyone has tension. What to talk about human beings, even celestial gods have tension. We are troubled our whole life due to the tension caused by 4 to 6 people. God is the creator and protector of uncountable planetary systems and notes the actions of every soul, yet while performing uncountable actions, God remains Blissful due to yogmaya.